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Doug Burr has a habit of mulling things over, kneading thoughts around until they yield something of value. Burr is soft-spoken, bespectacled and rangy. Yet his placid manner belies the storm of paranoia, longing and wonder agitating at his core. The singer-songwriter from Denton, Texas, is often lauded for his candor, a reputation earned through no small labor. Burr is a disciple of the hard way that weaves between easy answers, buffeted, always pressing toward the truth.


Four records in, Burr remains true to that code, digging into everything ugly and gorgeous that comprises humanity. You can hear it on the Gospel-inspired Sickle and the Sheaves (2003) and on Burr’s acclaimed sophomore follow-up On Promenade (2007). In 2009, he released an album of Biblical Psalms set to original music called The Shawl. His last work, O Ye Devastator(2012), is an album of both personal confession and ingenious storytelling, as grave in its estimation of human frailty as it is amazed at human loveliness reclaimed.​

Now Doug Burr returns with a new album, Pale White Dove. While Devastator, dabbled with heavier sounds, Pale White Dove swings the sledgehammer with abandon. Burr sounds like a man whose noted patience is worn to a raw bundle of nerves.The album’s aggression is cut with beautiful country tunes “Never Gonna Be Young Again.” But the soul of Pale White Dove is the electrified “I See Satan Fall Like Lightning” which is soaked in Southern Gothic and delivered in a fevered prophecy. The song, and much of the rest of the album, recounts a world tangled in its own violent scapegoating, hopeless save for supernatural intervention. For this reason, Pale White Dove is apt for this age, marred as it is by violence in word and deed.


Doug Burr

Doug Burr

Doug Burr
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Doug Burr -"When The Arrow Hits The Sparrow" - KXT Live Sessions

Doug Burr -"When The Arrow Hits The Sparrow" - KXT Live Sessions

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Doug Burr "Should've Known" Music Video

Doug Burr "Should've Known" Music Video

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Doug Burr 'White Night - Black Light' (official video)

Doug Burr 'White Night - Black Light' (official video)

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Denton’s Doug Burr stands out in surprising ways
- TexasMonthly

As far as I can see, Burr’s only problem now lies in how he is going to follow ‘On Promenade’. Brilliant!
- Americana UK

Exquisitely detailed, slow and deliberate, his songs have as much in common with the literature of Eudora Welty and Cormac McCarthy as with the work of the Americana dimmerati to whom he is often, and somewhat shortsightedly, compared…
- Paste Magazine

If there are things bigger than sex and laughs, then we damn well better sing about it all. If there is a God in heaven then even singing against him makes more sense than the hair metal with all its soft porn videos after 8 pm. … Burr’s albums have the heaviness of a novel. That kinda weight. You don’t read Faulkner for entertainment. Some authors are too full of gravity. You don’t read them at the beach. You read them at the grave.
- Mockingbird

The new album is a pure stunner from beginning to end … Burr, along with his band, has expertly taken the darkest, most bombastic elements of his past records and twisted the knobs until they cracked.
- Dallas Observer

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